Estate Planning

One of our specialities is Conveyancing and Property law, so we will be able to ease the process of transferring ownership of any immoveable property (real estate) and help you to understand and implement the rights and obligations that are associated therewith.

Estate Planning

Creating a heritage for your family through successful creation and sustenance of your hard earned prosperity, both during your lifetime and after, can often be troublesome. So to make sure that it is watertight and will be enacted according to your wishes, we will guide you through, careful consideration, meticulous planning and the correct structuring of your business interests, affected documents and contracts.

Our guidance will help you to:

  • Draft an antenuptial contract
  • Implement strategies to ease the administration process of deceased estates
  • Make provision for the welfare of minor children
  • Setting up structures such as trusts and other juristic vehicles (such as companies)
  • Create a business plan
  • Investigate the implications of the estate plan on taxable liability
  • Draft and/or update your will.
Estate Planning – why do I need it?
Estate planning is a wide field and involves the overall structuring of a person’s wealth through marital contracts, wills, trusts and business planning. Careful planning and drafting of documents and contracts can affect a person’s ability to create and sustain hard earned prosperity.
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Death and taxes… wills and trusts
One hears stories from friends and relatives or reading the newspaper, it is disturbingly easy to hear spine chilling stories (of real life events), that illustrate the importance of having a professionally drafted will. This regardless of a person’s age or how much money you have. As a legal practitioner, I have heard on too many occasions, that people falsely believe that because they are either young or do not have much (in terms of worldly possessions), they believe they do not need to have a will or do not have a will.
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Purpose of a Living Wills in South Africa
The purpose of living wills in South Africa is to guide the family and doctors when you are in a medical state from which you cannot recover, and due to your condition, are no longer able to make your own medical decisions. Further, the Living Wills Society defines a living will more narrowly by noting that its main function is to aid in the “refusal of artificial life support when dying”.
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The Administration of Deceased Estates
Many individuals are under the impression that if they state their wishes to their loved ones, family and friends that this is how their estate will be bequeathed. In reality however, if one dies without a will or “intestate”, there are a set “rules” t …
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The practical implications of testate and intestate succession
The basic difference between testate and intestate succession lies in having or not having a legally valid will. During a person’s lifetime he or she has absolute control of his or her estate and can therefore exercise any intention they wish to. Howev …
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The appointment and functions of the executor
Tech by Dorian Gray
Not executing a will results in a deceased estate being administered in terms of the intestate succession, which in itself results in its own andsometimes negative consequences. Furthermore, it also results in the deceased not nominating the executor o …
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