Commercial property law and property finance requires a thorough understanding of various aspects of our law including land registration and conveyancing, leases, servitudes, construction law, town planning, insolvency, finance and financing structures, mortgage and other securities, company law, the law of contract, the rules of the JSE and taxation.

Commercial, Property law

Our lawyers are experts in the field of property law, and always go above and beyond to provide a proficient and expeditious service, which ultimately leads to sound and enduring relationships with our clients.
So whether you’re purchasing or selling real estate, refinancing your private or commercial real estate, planning to build your own home or wanting to extend an existing building, our division is able to offer you expert contractual, commercial and conveyancing services.
Our lawyers are fully aware of the need for legal advice and legal structures to be compatible with the needs of modern commerce, industry and finance.

We can offer you advice in all areas of commercial (business) law, such as:

  • law of business enterprises
  • company and corporate law
  • principal and agent
  • the law of partnership
  • the regulation of and drafting of corporate contracts
  • joint ventures
  • consumer law
  • surety, pledge and cession

We are accomplished in the field of company law and can thus assist clients in the registration, conversion and maintenance (administration) of existing and new company structures in and outside of groups of companies..


Whether you are an architect, engineer builder or supplier and require legal advice and assistance in the construction sector, we deliver expert services which include matters concerning the relevant agreements including without limitation the “JBCC”. We also specialise in the drafting of contracts; advising on content matter and assisting in negotiations; litigation and alternative dispute resolution.


We offer specialised advice and services under the many aspects of employment law. This includes insight into and the drafting of contracts; the drafting / implementation of all the relevant Human Resources policies; assisting in resolving workplace disputes and representing client at the CCMA and Labour Court

Land Acquisitions And Disposals

These transactions constitute “the bread and butter” of any commercial property law department. Although some transactions may seem to be relatively straight forward, there are frequently issues to trap the unwary. We strongly urge clients to seek professional advice regarding all land acquisitions and disposals. Years of experience have taught our lawyers to “see around the corner” enabling clients to avoid problems before they occur. We are able to assist clients with all property acquisitions and disposals, ranging from individual properties to entire property portfolios.

Company Mergers And Acquisitions

Frequently properties and/or property portfolios are held through companies or other legal entities rendering the merger or acquisition of such companies to be expedient. Such transactions can give rise to a variety of issues from taxation to employment law. Our lawyers have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions of property owning companies..